5 farmer market essentials


Who doesn't love farmers markets? From the fresh produce, to the samples, to the hand made products I have been a fan of markets for years, so much so that I'm an occasional stall holder (we will leave that story for another day). 

Besides rocking an awesome market appropriate outfit think boho, there are some essentials you shouldn't leave home without.

1. A French market basket - not only do French market baskets look luxe, they are perfect for carrying your purchases in.

French market basket - The Luxe Pantry $49.99

2. A reusable coffee cup - if you haven't made the switch yet, do it now! Unfortunately most coffee cups aren't recyclable and end up in landfill. By using a reusable cup you are doing the environment a favour. I never leave home without my Frank Green cup.

Frank Green reusable coffee cup - Frank Green

3. Eco friendly bags - just like coffee cups, plastic bags are a problem. By bringing your own bags you can say no to plastic.

Ever Eco cotton tote bag - The Luxe Pantry $11.99

4. Cash - I'm talking the physical kind, though more and more stall holders are using Square readers some still do not and if there isn't an ATM around you may miss out on a one of a kind purchase.


5. Reusable straw - another eco friendly choice which is great to pop into a freshly squeezed juice or smoothie.


Ever Eco reusable rose gold straw kit - The Luxe Pantry $9.99.

Happy market shopping!

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